Wholesale Account Information

If you’re reading this, you’ve been accepted as a stockist of the Kiin Baby Brand, HOORAY! Please read through this page for all the info you need, and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

How to Access Your Wholesale Account

A wholesale account has been created for you using the email address you’ve provided. You should receive an account invite in a separate email. Please use that email address to log in and update all contact and delivery information on your account.

Once you are logged in then the fun begins! You will have access to shop from the WHOLESALE tab on via the homepage on our website - remember to click on the WHOLESALE tab, this is the only part
 of our site that lists wholesale product & prices. You can also access the wholesale page here

Please be sure to read over all of our terms & conditions below before placing an order.

Terms & Conditions


Once your wholesale application has been accepted and you have 30 days to place your first order. If you do not place an order within 30 days, your wholesale account may be cancelled.

Kiin Baby reserves the right to reduce the size of an order where goods are out of stock, in short supply, or otherwise not available. In either case, you will be notified prior to shipping your order.


The minimum order amount is $300 AUD. We require you to make an order with us at least every 3 months (total spend of at least $1200AUD/year) or your wholesale account may be suspended and you will need to reapply.


By default our website displays all items in Australian Dollars (AUD). You can view conversions in other currencies by using the drop down menu at the top or bottom of our website.


Immediate Payment (COD). 

We accept Credit Card, Debit, PayPal, Afterpay. 


We do not accept returns on our products, unless they are deemed as faulty. 
If you have any issues please do contact us promptly at wholesale@kiinbaby.com


Kiin Baby offers generous wholesale rates. The wholesale pricing on our website is subject to change, without notice. 

The RRP is listed in the descriptions of each product and is intended to guide your in-store pricing strategies. You may set the price as you wish, however we do request you do not exceed 15% higher or lower than RRP. (unless you are having a sale)


You are only permitted to sell Kiin Baby products via the website or physical store that has been agreed upon by us, via our initial correspondence (your wholesale application). We do not allow our products to be sold through websites such as Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Instagram etc, private message such as whatsapp, or local market stalls (unless otherwise agreed upon by us). 
If you are found to be selling our products through unapproved avenues, we have the right to cancel your wholesale account.

Whilst we don't offer exclusivity to a post-code or area, we do endeavour to be fair. We select stockists at our discretion based on different store types e.g Baby Stores, Gift Stores, Lifestyle & Homeware Stores, News agencies or pharmacies, Florists, Gift Hamper/Bundles, and Online stores (we don't cosider these to be location-based).


Do not list our products as 'pre-sale' or 'pre-order' (or any similar terms) when you have not placed the other for these products. We cannot guarantee we will have stock availability. If you are found to be listing Kiin Baby products for pre-order when you have not placed an order for these items, we reserve the right to cancel your wholesale account.

Please only make our products available in your store once you have placed your order, and you have physically received the items from us. We strongly recommend that you do not list any of our products as ‘pre order’ on your website. Unforseen delays DO happen (especially during Covid) and it gives us both a bad reputation. 



We offer local pickup from our warehouse at Tuggerah, on the Central Coast of NSW. Simply select the 'Local Pickup' option at checkout, and contact us to arrange a suitable time for pickup. 


We use Australia Post, and you will be charged according to the total weight of your order. You may select either standard or express service. FREE Shipping is offered on domestic orders when the order is $2,000 or more.

We use Australia Post, and you will be charged according to the total weight of your order. You may select either standard or express service. If you wish to organise your own carrier (e.g DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT etc) please contact us.


We have a folder of product images available to download from our dropbox. Click here to access the dropbox: 


If you intend to use any images posted on our social media, we are okay with this, but please note that if the image is taken by another user you need to ask permission from the original poster, and be sure to tag them once they have given you permission to post that image.


If you need to get in touch with us, please email us at wholesale@kiinbaby.com 

For fast and efficient responses to your queries, please do not contact us via social media direct messages or comments. 

  • Images

    Follow this link to our dropbox for access to all product image files.

  • Product Information

    Follow this link to our dropbox folder containing product information e.g barcodes, SKU's, Pricing, Weight etc.